Online & Onsite Recording,
Stereo & Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 Mixing,
Mastering & Production

Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP) utilizes some of the latest technology which enables Jeff Silverman to work with artists, musicians and companies virtually anywhere in the world. Palette Recording Studio services include virtual and onsite recording, stereo and Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 mixing, mastering, engineering, performing, arranging, artist development, string arrangements and songwriting. This virtual connect is accomplished through Virtual Studio Networks (VSN), which allows Silverman to offer world-class studio production services to the
Nashville / Mt. Juliet, Tennessee area and beyond.

Jeff Silverman has recently upgraded Palette MSP to the latest Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 surround audio format. This object based mixing has now become the new sought-after 3D immersive audio format for places such as Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music,

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Apple TV+, HBO Max, VUDU and even Mercedes Benz! Dolby Atmos offers a “one size fits all “mix, which enables 1 audio file / stream to be converted to any hardware source automatically. So, it will detect whether the listener is using stereo speakers, headphones the 7.1.4 surround (7 speakers, 1 sub and 4 ceiling speakers) and higher. With Dolby Atmos 3D immersive mixes, you are now able to listen to a mix and feel like you’re sitting right on stage with the band, or like you’re at a live concert, giving an entirely new audio experience!

The trailer above has been mixed in Dolby Atmos and what you’re hearing is a 3D Binaural re-render from the original Dolby Atmos ADM master file. Best heard with headphones but the way Jeff mixes, you can enjoy on any set of stereo speakers. For more information: CLICK HERE


RECENT COVID-19 updates from Jeff Silverman:
Easy to connect remote mixing and mastering services now available, streaming from anywhere in the world with a good broadband connect! “”NEW”” NOW OFFERING Virtual Remote Recording so either you or

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your “talent” can now record directly into Jeff Silverman’s computer while everyone streams and participates from separate locations! FREE remote set up available. For more information, CLICK HERE. Be safe and well!

Current Projects with Jeff Silverman’s Contributions – Artist Awards

More On Discography:

DEBRA LYN_ Devil With The Blue Eyes_ Dolby Atmos 3D Immersive- Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Silverman

2022 – DEBRA LYN – DEVIL WITH THE BLUE EYES (Dolby Atmos/3D Immersive)

Produced, Arranged, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered. This is Debra Lyn’s first Dolby Atmos / 3D Immersive single off of her “Blue Sun Rises” album, released in 2020. Blue Sun Rises brings together traditional music that clearly speaks to Debra’s Irish/Scottish/English heritage and intricately weaves these influences with original material. IAAAPPLE MUSIC

DEBRA LYN_ I CAN'T REMEMBER TO FORGET YOU 15th ANNIVERSARY EDITION_ Dolby Atmos 3D Immersive- Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Silverman

2021 – DEBRA LYN – ICR 15th Anniversary Edition (Dolby Atmos/3D Immersive)

Produced, Arranged, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered. When we realized the 15-year anniversary was coming up, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to re-release the album in an immersive format. The original “I Can’t Remember To Forget You” has been re-mixed and mastered in Dolby Atmos 7.1.4. Nominated for Producer/Production in the 2021 HMMA’s!

Mixed and Digital Editing by Jeff Silverman-Marcie Free - Mark Free -I Wish-Palette Music Studio Productions

2021 – Marcie Free – SAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT

Mixing, Digital Editing, Keys & Synths. Written by Robin Randall and Bill LaFleur. This is the first single from the 8 disk Box Set called “The Songs Of Judithe & Robin Randall.” Judithe sadly passed away in 2002 so this project was dedicated to her enormous talent and inspiration she had and gave to so many others. Andrew McNeice of and Melodic Rock Records helped choose the very best of the Randalls’ catalogue.  Marcie Free is best known as the lead singer King Cobra, Signal and Unruly Child. LISTEN, WATCH AND READ MORE!

DEBRA LYN_ You Can't Hold Me Close When You're Holdin' The Bottle (3D)_ Dolby Atmos 3D Immersive- Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Silverman


Produced, Arranged, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered
Written by Debra Lyn and recorded in June of this year. This is the first single from Debra’s Dolby Atmos “I Can’t Remember To Forget You 15th Anniversary Edition” (3D Immersive) album.

Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Silverman-Amanda Cole-I Wish-Palette Music Studio Productions


Mixed & Mastered by Jeff Silverman. Amanda Cole was born Mississippi, 1974 and replaced Maxine Jones in the R&B vocal group En Vogue between 2001 and 2003. She makes her debut with this heartfelt new Single “How I Wish” with iMAJN NationAmanda. The song has been featured multiple times on Mediabase top 40 charts, since its earlier debut back in mid-June of this year.

Arms Of Heaven - Aeone - Dolby Atmos and 3D binaural - Mixed by Jeff Silverman - Palette MSP

2021 – AEONE – ARMS OF HEAVEN (Dolby Atmos/3D Immersive)

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered
Aeone’s new single “Arms of Heaven” is a beautifully crafted, contemporary anthem for the mystical half of our hearts and souls. Released as a Dolby Atmos immersive mix, this track is multi-layered listening at its best.

Grant Maloy Smith_The Coal Comes Up Dolby Atmos / 3D immersive_Jeff Silverman Palette Music Studio Productions

2021 – GRANT MALOY SMITH – THE COAL COMES UP (Dolby Atmos / 3D Binaural)

Co-Produced, Additional Recording, Mixed and Mastered for Apple Digital Masters
Put on your headphone or fire up your Dolby Atmos® / surround sound system and experience this epochal song like never before. You’ll feel like you’re 200 feet down in the coal mine with Grant Maloy Smith while he is singing this song. “The Coal Comes Up” is the first single from the album APPALACHIA: AMERICAN STORIES.

Seay - Dream - This version - Dolby Atmos 3D Immersive mixed and mastered by Jeff Silverman

2021 – SEAY – DREAM – Dolby Atmos / 3D Binaural

Mixed & Mastered
This video /audio version was mixed and mastered by Jeff Silverman. In an age dominated by negative news and crisis, “Dream” offers a multilevel “rediscovery” of dreaming, imagining, loving, and living.


Lea Sweet - Black Queen of Country Music- Produced by Jeff Silverman and Lea Sweet - Palette Music Studio Productions - Nashville TN


Co-Produced, Arranged, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered and Performed
The Bay Area favorite Lea Sweet releases her first Contemporary country CD, collaborating in Nashville with the likes of Producer / Songwriter Jeff Silverman, Troy Klontz, Steve Stokes, Armond Morales, Scott English, and in the Bay Area with Ricardo Scales. This CD delivers smooth vocals with just the right amount of grit.

Grant Maloy Smith - AppalachiaJeff Silverman Palette Music Studio Productions


Co-Produced, Additional Recording, Mixed and Mastered for Apple Digital Masters (ADM)
Central Appalachia is set in the hills of West Virginia, eastern Kentucky, eastern Tennessee, the western part of Virginia and the Carolinas. The beauty of the land is undeniable. The music that came from here is what Grant plays today. What we call “Country”, “Bluegrass” and “American Roots” was born in these hills.

DEBRA LYN - BLUE SUN RISES REMASTERED RE-RELEASE WITH 3D BINAURAL HEADPHONE MIX - Produced, Mixed and Mastered (Apple Digital Mastered) by Jeff Silverman


Produced, Arranged, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered (ADM) – Break out the headphones and listen to the new BLUE SUN RISES 3D Binaural Headphone Mix. This is included on Debra Lyn’s newly remastered 2020 re-release of BLUE SUN RISES! BLUE SUN RISES 3D Binaural song is HMMA Nominated for Producer / Production! LISTEN WATCH AND READ MORE!LISTEN to Stereo to 3D binaural Comparisons on VSN

Palette Studio

Palette (MSP) music-studio-productions and Virtual Studio Networks (VSN) offers online & onsite world-class studio production services driven by the talents of its founder, Jeff Silverman. Jeff’s nearly 40 years’

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of experience in the music industry has included working on Emmy and Grammy-nominated projects such as Mists of Avalon with Palette Recording artist Aeone. He has also produced, mixed, mastered, co-written, edited and performed on a number of gold, platinum and award-winning projects for artists such as Rick Springfield & Nick Gilder (refer to Discography for additional credits.) Read more . . .

Virtual Studio Networks (VSN)

Let us bring “Music City” Nashville to you through Palette’s Virtual Studio Networks (VSN)! VSN allows Jeff Silverman to not only interact and work with artists and musicians anywhere in the

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world, but to also offer the same services as Palette (MSP) with the ability to stream high fidelity stereo audio direct from our studio / Avid Pro Tools Ultimate HDX system, to your computer in your own home/studio. Read More . . .

Digital Mixing & Mastering

Depending upon your needs, Palette (MSP) music-studio-productions also offers digital mixing and mastering services utilizing the latest version of Avid’s Pro Tools Ultimate with

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HDX cards. This can entail anything from a simple mix to enhancing tracks and elements to suggesting arrangement ideas, rearranging, resounding or even tuning vocals or instruments with Melodyne. Read more . . .

Live Strings

Palette (MSP) music-studio-productions is pleased to offer “Live Strings” as an additional service. Live Strings allows us to create unique productions and/or arrangements utilizing some of Nashville’s finest string players.

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Please visit our Live Strings page to hear song examples and read more about the amazing players. Read more . . .

Production & Artist Development

Depending on your needs, Jeff Silverman can assist you with anything from songwriting, to getting your best performances in the studio, helping you find or enhance your creative vision, to

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producing, arranging, mixing and mastering your music so you and your project will be “radio” ready. He can also put you in touch with some of Nashville’s finest studio musicians for any genre!



Music Editing for Film and TV

Jeff Silverman brings a new and innovative music editorial service to his clients, encompassing a full spectrum of creative needs from spotting notes, re-conforms, building temp tracks, assembling

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and utilizing the all important music database/library to supplying the final cue sheets. Attention to detail is key to Silverman, who is known for his cutting edge approach to editorial along with a unique ability for making music work to picture. Please visit the Film & TV section of this site to see and hear examples of Jeff’s work as a music editor. Read more . . .

Palette MSP and Virtual Studio Networks (VSN), located in Mt. Juliet / Nashville, Tennessee, offer world-class music studio production services driven by the talents of their founder, Jeff Silverman.

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