It has been my privilege and honor to work with these artists who have taken the time to kindly give a testimonial of their experience working with me and Virtual Studio Networks (VSN).

“I’ve known and worked with Jeff since 1976, which is longer than most of you have been alive. And his extraordinary talents have only grown. He is a gifted songwriter, a guitar player I am extremely jealous of and he is deeply knowledgeable of all the latest and greatest recording technology/gear/software as well as all the infuriatingly complex stuff I could never comprehend in my wildest dreams!

He has co produced and co-written many songs with me and is extremely awesome at getting the best performance out of any player/singer/writer/furniture mover…sorry, that last one is a private joke that only Jeff and I get but I bet he’s laughing! I cannot say enough great things about this man. Everything he turns to he does well and with 1000% of his being. He is, which is not always the case with very talented people, a good guy.”

Rick Springfield

Malibu, CA, Recording Artist, Producer, Singer, Songwriter

“I have enjoyed dozens of Jeff’s recordings and I have come to this conclusion. Jeff knows only one way to write, perform, produce, arrange, engineer and mix. That way is to have the sweetest, cleanest, coolest and clearest recordings possible. Maintaining the feel and soul of a song while bringing technical perfection to the recording is a rare skill, but to Jeff, there is no other way. If I could play or sing I would be at Jeff’s studio right now.”

John Mullins

Former Senior Director, Writer/Publisher Relations, SESAC, Nashville, TN

“When I have good song ideas… I want them to become great songs. Once I have some great songs, I want them to become recordings I feel proud to share with the world. I also want to have fun with the process. I got all of that with Jeff. If that is what you are looking for, consider Jeff Silverman.”

Michael Peterson

Las Vegas, NV , Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter

J = Just the right person to make to take your music to a higher level.
E = Everything you could ask for as an engineer/producer & creative influence.
F = Fantastic quality music production is an understatement.
F = First Class Studio experience.

“Jeff provides all the right tones on his musical palette to create YOUR masterpiece!
I’m very lucky to have worked with him over the last couple of years and look forward to many more years of musical excellence from this master of the recording arts.”

Michael Surratt

Lanham, MD, Musician, Composer, Recording Artist

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Jeff Silverman over many many years and in almost every capacity of his wide-ranging skill set. He is one of the most talented people I know and have worked with and has been an inspiration on my musical journey. I owe much of my own success to all that he has given me.

Jeff has been that gifted co-writer on a huge catalogue of songs written together, the producer and co-producer of my 1st and 2nd albums, Window to a World and The Woman’s Touch, both of which he mixed and mastered. He mixed and mastered my 3rd album Point of Faith and has played guitar and bass on practically every song I have ever written! On the scoring side, Jeff has been my music editor and mixer of music for over 30 movie trailer scores and licenses – along with mixing numerous cues and vocal performances for film and tv.

Jeff is an absolute master of sound and over the years, I have tested his ears and his skills to the utmost and each time, he has taken the music to another level – it’s as if the writing and creativity continue on during the mixing process. With his steady professional manner, one is inspired with confidence that even under the tightest of deadlines and challenging of circumstances, everything will be accomplished with the grace of ease and the highest quality of sound.”

He is a talented songwriter, a consummate musician, an amazing producer and I consider him to be one of the finest mixing talents in the music business. In coming to Jeff Silverman with a project, whether it be as a co-writer, a producer or to mix and master, one can be assured that everything will be delivered on time and sounding as he would say, ‘like a record’. What more could one ask for.


Los Angeles, CA, Artist & Composer - Angleterre Music

“Jeff Silverman produced me at his studio, Palette Studio, in Mt. Juliet. This was a match made in Heaven. Jeff and I complemented each other. We seemed to have an unspoken connection, the recording session went smoothly and what a pleasure it was to work together. I highly recommend working with Jeff Silverman.”

Kimberly Dahme

Nashville, TN, Singer Songwriter, Recording Artist, Musician

“I contacted Jeff with a view to remixing / mastering my EP. He was recommended to me as the right person to bring my music alive and for that I am truly grateful!!!

From the beginning Jeff made the whole process very easy to understand. This was important to me given that I am living in Ireland and Jeff is in the US so communication was important to me. Jeff clearly explained the process and what my options were. In the end I decided to just trust Jeff’s judgement and let him do what he does best. Jeff contacted some world class musicians to play on my EP, Tim Lorsch (who played for Kenny Chesney & Keith Urban), Steve Stokes (who played for Josh Turner & John Michael Montgomery) and Troy Klontz (who played for Brooks & Dunn and Roy Clark,) the results were amazing. It’s difficult to tell someone how you want your music to sound as you don’t know until you hear it. But, this was not a problem to Jeff, he understood my songs perfectly and captured my vision even though I didn’t really know what my vision was … until now!!!

Distance was never a problem, I have been in regular contact with Jeff – pretty much every day!! And he always listened to my opinions and took it onboard. I do have a tendency to ask A LOT of questions and Jeff always answered them fully.

Through this process we have produced an EP which I’m truly proud of. I never dreamed of producing an EP of this calibre. I can honestly say I love the results!!

I have not known Jeff for very long, but I already consider him to be a good friend and we will continue to work together on any future recordings which I might be involved in.

All I can say is thanks Jeff!”

Graham Murray

Wexford, Ireland, Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter

First of all I am proud to be able to call Jeff Silverman my friend. During times when I was down and things were hard, Jeff was always there for me to support me and to remind me that there is light at the end of each tunnel.

In terms of song writing, arrangement, production, mixing and mastering there are not many people around who have such profound knowledge of music as to how to create great songs. Jeff’s production capacity is second to none, and it has been an absolute honour to have been be able to write songs with him, and to play on some of his creations. If you are looking for a producer who is not only world class, but who also really cares, go and work with Jeff Silverman.

Hellmut Wolf

Buchholz in der Nordheide, Musician, Producer, Manager

“Jeff Silverman is without a doubt creative and insightful. He knew what I was looking for and followed through with hard work and went the extra mile. I would recommend Jeff to everyone that needs top-notch music production.”

Kori Carothers

Mission Viejo, CA, Recording Artist

“I first met Jeff Silverman through SongU.com, a website that offers courses, coaching, and connections for songwriters. Jeff was giving a presentation on music production. I was totally amazed by Jeff’s knowledge and how down to earth he presented the information. My co-writer (Dan Robinson) and I decided to contact Jeff to discuss having him produce a couple of our newly written songs.

I met with Jeff via phone for about an hour, and was blown away by the amount of Jeff’s technical savvy. I already knew Jeff was a musical virtuoso. The conversation was truly captivating. Jeff explained how he used the VSN process, which I had never worked with before.

When we met for our scheduled session, Jeff made it very simple to understand and worked with me through every step of the way. It was a great experience. There I was in my own little home studio communicating with Jeff as if I were at his studio in Nashville, Tennessee. To say the least, the clarity of the entire audio and video experience was awesome.

I know there were certain areas of the songs that needed special treatment, but Jeff had already read my mind. He knew exactly what needed to be done and captured a perfect vision of the songs. Jeff is a very patient guy, a master engineer, and a genius at all levels of music production. The list of Jeff’s expertise goes on, but I’ll just say Jeff has one of life’s greatest gifts, ‘natural talent’.

What I particularly like about Jeff’s process is that he doesn’t just make a demo, but creates a production. This is why Jeff stands out front. Jeff is most likely a phenomenon, something that is not all that apparent, but is reflected by his work. Then again, he may be Batman for all I know! What I do know is this, if you’re looking for great recordings from a super knowledgeable guy, with an overwhelming amount of experience, then Jeff is the man you’re looking for. You’ll also add a great guy to your repertoire of friends.”

Benn Cutarelli

Marion, Ohio, Composer/Songwriter

“Jeff is a creative artist in whatever he does. He always goes the next step above and beyond the competition. A true professional!

Denis M. Hannigan

Los Angeles, California, Film and Television Composer

“The feeling of knowing that what I will be listening back will always exceed my expectations, is the feeling I get when I work with Jeff. His musical sensibility for any visual media is just superb, and I feel lucky (and very relaxed) when I know that Jeff will be involved as music editor on any of my scoring projects. I admire Jeff’s perfectionism. However, most importantly than his many many many skills, is the fact that he is an amazing human being and a dear friend to me. I truly believe that in this so called music industry, It doesn’t get any better than working with a great friend who knows his craft as Jeff does.”

Elik Alvarez

Los Angeles, CA, Film Composer

“I’ve worked with Jeff in several projects, ranging from TV anime to feature films and his work always amazes me. I rely on him for editing full cues that contain lots of dramatic scoring and the results always exceed my expectations, no matter what the challenges are. In fact, in many occasions, I’ve heard cues edited by him and thought I’ve actually composed them when in fact he had built them by using elements from my music and created something new that worked great with picture.

I truly believe that Jeff’s professionalism, experience, talent and music sensibility makes him the best in the business.”

Freddy Sheinfield

Los Angeles, CA, Composer for Film and TV

“Jeff is the most inspirational person I have ever worked with. And that just begins to describe him. He does so many things extremely well, including producing, song writing, guitar/ganjo/mandolin playing, engineering, singing… the list is long. If you want to feel more like an artist yourself, work with Jeff.

When running a recording session, both Producing and Engineering, he can bring things out of a musician and a singer or even a co-writer that they did not know they were capable of. When I’ve worn the ‘keyboardist’ hat at his sessions, I always come away wondering what else I may be capable of that I didn’t know about. His work is forever fresh and of the highest quality level you can find anywhere.

Jeff doesn’t make ‘demos’. He always makes records. Whenever anyone asks me about where to go to get their music produced, I don’t think twice…Jeff is always my first recommendation, regardless of musical style. From country, rock, and pop, to orchestral mixes, Jeff is simply the best I know of, and I’ve been around quite awhile.”

Paul W. Rucker

Nashville, TN, Film and TV Composer and Session Keyboardist

I hope you’ll visit my testimonial page on my Virtual Studio Networks (VSN) site. Thanks!”

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Jeff Silverman

Founder, Palette MSP and VSN

Palette MSP and Virtual Studio Networks (VSN), located in Mt. Juliet / Nashville, Tennessee, offer world-class music studio production services driven by the talents of their founder, Jeff Silverman.

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