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I specialize in mixing and creating immersive Dolby Atmos mixes because I believe this format will yield the highest return on my creative and technical investment, benefiting both myself and the artists I take on this journey. There’s a lot that I offer as part of my all-in package, setting me apart from those who simply create, mix, and master an Atmos mix and hand it back to the client.

Firstly, entering into a 12-speaker immersive format can have multiple approaches to the end result. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a pre-production meeting to discuss the client’s needs and expectations. For example, I could be remixing from an existing stereo mix, starting from scratch, or simply discussing how experimental the final outcome will be.

The Dolby Atmos mixer is often called the Immersive Producer due to the many ways to create a true immersive experience, extending beyond the standard stereo. One unique perk of my services is that if I believe adding a new element or creative sound design enhances the immersive experience, and I’m the one suggesting it, I don’t charge for the performances/sound design. If the artist doesn’t like these new parts, I can mute them, again at no extra charge. This is strictly optional and discussed before I start mixing. I do have a fee for performing if the artist requests me to add new parts, which will be discussed before I present the client my all-in budget.

I feel a tremendous desire to educate the artist from start to finish, ensuring first and foremost that they have a global understanding of the immersive formats and their application. Other perks include:

• I offer my own method of creating what I call an “immersive stereo” mix as the final 2-track release, which works on all sets of speakers or headphones and can be released anywhere a standard stereo mix can.

• After I present the final mix, I give the client a free hour for any tweaks.

• I master all formats from the Dolby Atmos master renders, making me a one-stop-shop for artists and a tour guide to boot! 😉

• I make sure the client’s Atmos Mix is released properly on AvidPlay digital distribution, with all metadata and info correctly filled out. This helps to avoid questions or frustration the client may have in releasing their music in this new, changing, and ever-growing format. As long as the client uses Avidplay, I take care of any technical issues that may arise.

• I share resources to help bring new opportunities to the artist’s music, including insights into licensing for film and TV.

• If I feel I’ve put my ‘stamp’ on the Atmos mixes and if needed and/or the timing is right, I can assist the artist in submitting their album to the Grammy Immersive category, and sometimes other categories if appropriate. Being a voting member of the Recording Academy (Producers & Engineers Wing) for over 10 years now makes that process easy for me and all concerned because we go in as a team.

You can find more on my Dolby Atmos section of my website, where you can watch videos and read articles aimed at demonstrating, not just telling, about the new immersive world that I believe will finally bring our music to the forefront sonically, bringing new and true value to our art.

For more info on Dolby Atmos: CLICK HERE



Sometimes, clients feel that they don’t want a significant departure from their stereo mixes. Whether I mixed their stereo mixes or not, I have a process I can discuss with you on how best to generate multiple stereo bounces with all processing and mix moves. Each song will have a different combination of stereo bounces; for example, one of my mixes had 30 stereo processed stems, and another had 50. These files are then imported into my Stereo to Atmos template, and from there, can be expanded to 7.1.4. Additional metadata can be added for a great immersive stereo experience, and even sweetening can be done, as I suggested above.

If you fit this description, the bottom line is that this process takes much less time to mix and is much more cost-effective than starting an Atmos mix from scratch. The conversion process is beneficial for anyone who has or has access to their own studio, from indies to mainstream artists and record companies. Call me for more information and ideas on how to get the most out of your music and budget!

Palette MSP and Virtual Studio Networks (VSN), located in Mt. Juliet / Nashville, Tennessee, offer world-class music studio production services driven by the talents of their founder, Jeff Silverman.

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Why Jeff Silverman For Your Dolby Atmos Mix?