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Chronic Edge-Eleanor Rigby

Chronic Edge - Eleanor Rigby:

Skills: Productions
Artist: Chronic Edge
Label: Musik and Film – 2013
Songs: Eleanor Rigby – I Feel Your Love
Produced by: Jeff Silverman and Vince DeVincenzo
Mixed, Mastered and Additional Recording by: Jeff Silverman, Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP), Nashville, TN

Eleanor Rigby:

I Feel Your Love:

Vince DeVincenzo, the lead singer and co-producer of this project, called me and said that he wanted to explore some new ways to add more ammunition to his already released single “Eleanor Rigby.” He also wanted to get my take on another track / song he had entitled “Runaway,” which has now been restructured and retitled to “I Feel Your Love.” He especially wanted to put new blood and life into “Eleanor Rigby” because of his up and coming new video of the song. At the same time, he also wanted to give a “face lift” to not only both mixes, but set the tone for a new direction for his band sound.

Because Vince and I had worked together in the past and not only had a great line of communication in place, we were instantly on the same page when I suggested implementing cellos for both tracks and at the same time, bring in a new 19 year old guitar player that has become my “go to” shredder ROCKER, Tyler Reese. Not only did cellist extraordinaire John Catchings do some of the most tasteful playing to date, but Tyler rose to the occasion by bringing his BLAZING fast yet EXTREMELY tasteful lead licks to the table.

The tracks were in good shape recording wise, but they were desperately in need of remixing and mastering. Vince’s STELLAR singing was a natural to have fall right into place, but the instrumentation needed some TLC. Once we got the new players / elements into the existing tracks, then it was just a matter of clean up work, tightening up misc parts here or there and then using the “less is more” approach to achieve more dynamics out of the music.

The end result turned out even better than we both anticipated and we’re now in the process of adding even more songs to what I believe will be a brand new EP coming out very soon!

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For more information about Chronic Edge, please visit their website:


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Chronic Edge-Eleanor Rigby